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US Semiprozine, originally a Fanzine, advertised as quarterly but in its earlier years often irregular; edited by D Douglas Fratz, #1 January 1973 as magazine of the University of Maryland Science Fiction Society, with the first two issues carrying covers by Maurice Scott Dollens; it became independent in 1977, at which time Fratz stopped publishing fiction and established the blend of interviews, articles and reviews, emphasizing controversy and argument, which continued through its final issue in 1993. Always one of the solider journals of commentary on sf and fantasy, and one of the longest-lasting, Thrust/Quantum was five times nominated for a Hugo (1980, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991). Beginning with #36, Spring 1990, Thrust changed its name to Quantum: Science Fiction and Fantasy Review without major changes to style or format; and in #42, Summer/Fall 1992, Fratz announced that the magazine would end with #43/44. This last edition, a double-sized twentieth anniversary issue that also contained a complete index for the magazine and a lengthy article on its history, appeared in 1993. Writers associated with Thrust have included Poul Anderson, Gregory Benford, David Bischoff, Michael Bishop, George Alec Effinger, David Langford, Charles Platt, Kim Stanley Robinson, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Darrell Schweitzer, Charles Sheffield, John Shirley and Ted White. [PN/DDF]

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