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(1946-    ) US author who began to publish work of genre interest with "In the Service of Evil" in Bringing Down the Moon: 15 Tales of Fantasy and Terror (anth 1985) edited by Jani Anderson; most of her subsequent work has been fantasy or horror, though some of her short stories are sf, like "Pericles the Tyrant" (October 2005 Asimov's), an Alternate History which won a 2005 Sidewise Award. Tilton's first novel, Vampire Winter (1990), carries her narrative of Vampire life well into a harassed Near Future world. Her Ties include Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Betrayal (1994), in the Star Trek universe, and Babylon 5 Book 2: Accusations (1995), in the Babylon 5 universe. In 2015 Tilton began to review short fiction regularly for Locus. [JC]

Lois Ann Tilton

born 1946




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Babylon 5

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