Time Express

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US tv series (1979). Warner Brothers Television for NBC-TV. Created by Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts. Produced by Leonard B Kaufman. Directors included Michael Caffey, Alan J Levi. Writers included Pat Fielder, Stephen Kandel. Cast includes Coral Browne, Woodrow Parfrey, William Phipps, Vincent Price and James Reynolds. Four 50-minute episodes. Colour.

The Time Express was a very special railway train apparently owned by Jason and Margaret Winters (Price and Browne), who served as hosts for the passengers. This vehicle functioned as a Time Machine that somehow took its passengers back in time to a crucial moment or Jonbar Point in their lives, and gave them the chance to change past decisions. Whether the means by which this was accomplished were scientific or supernatural was never explained, owing to the series being quickly cancelled. [GSt]


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