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(1974-    ) US healthcare computer technician and author who, after a least one student publication at the beginning of this century, began to release work of genre interest with "Extanastasis" in L Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Volume XXVI (anth 2010) edited by K D Wentworth. Most of his work can be described as adventure-oriented Hard SF, with stories appearing frequently in Analog; a considerable proportion of his output has been assembled in Lights in the Deep (coll 2013) and Racers in the Night: Science Fiction Stories (coll 2014). His first series, the Military SF Chaplain's War sequence, was initiated by The Chaplain's War (fixup: 2014), but further volumes have yet to appear. The protagonist's vocation, and his seemingly Homo sapiens-specific capacity to believe in an intangible God (see Religion), are dramatized with as much complexity as permitted through the simplistics of Fan Service, in the midst of a tale otherwise dominated by interstellar War. A Star-Wheeled Sky (2018) is Space Opera. [JC]

Brad R Torgersen

born 6 April 1974




The Chaplain's War

collections and stories


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