Treasury of Great Science Fiction Stories

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US annual reprint magazine (see Print Magazines), in standard size, a follow-up of Hendryx's Wonder Stories of 1957 and 1963. Eight issues 1964-1971, published by Popular Library; edited by Jim Hendryx Jr for #1-#3 (1964-1966), with the third issue retitled Great Science Fiction Stories. It then relaunched itself as Science Fiction Yearbook, starting again from issue #1 for five issues (1967-1971), the first three edited by Helen Tono (1922-2011), then Sharon Moore for #4 (1970) and finally Anne Keffer for #5 (1971). The stories were reprinted from Startling Stories and Thrilling Wonder Stories. It is possible to consider the last five issues as a separate magazine, as the "Yearbook" title now stressed annual publication. Although all eight issues were in magazine format, there were no editorial departments, and they could equally be regarded as annual reprint anthologies. [FHP/MA]


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