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(1971-    ) US author mostly of horror and fantasy who began to publish work of genre interest with "The King Bee" (in The Dead Inn, anth 2001, edited by Shane Ryan Staley), which was assembled in In the Mean Time (coll 2010), some of the stories being sf (see Horror in SF; Fantastika). His PI Mark Genevich sequence, featuring a private eye with narcolepsy, is nonfantastic. Of sf interest is City Pier: Above and Below (coll of linked stories 2007 chap), each tale set in the eponymous City divided horizontally into a Dystopian Above region, and a surreal Below [for As Above, So Below see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below]. In this mirroring venue, Mad Scientists, Steampunk Airships, Telepaths and other iconic tropes gradually commingle in a vision of interlacing realities evocative of the work of Jorge Luis Borges. As a whole, Tremblay's work seems to aspire to similar complexities. [JC]

Paul Gaetan Tremblay

born Aurora, Colorado: 30 June 1971




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