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(1906-1996) South African naval officer (mercantile and military) and author, in UK from the early 1960s; in World War Two he eventually commanded his own ship, primarily escorting convoys. His anti-apartheid opinions did not directly inform his fiction, most of it being historical dramas set at sea. Of sf interest are his first novel, Two Hours To Darkness (1962), a Near Future tale whose protagonist, a submarine captain who has gone mad, moves the world toward World War Three in 1964; and Ultimatum (1976), similarly set close to the present, with London threatened by nuclear destruction if the UK and America refuse to sanction the establishment of an independent Palestine. [JC]

Antony Francis Trew

born Pretoria, Transvaal Colony, British Empire: 5 June 1906

died Chertsey, Surrey: 12 January 1996

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