Underwood, Tim

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(1948-    ) US publisher (see Underwood-Miller Inc), bibliographer of Jack Vance in Fantasy and Science Fiction by Jack Vance (1977 chap) with Chuck Miller and Fantasms: A Bibliography of the Literature of Jack Vance (1978 chap with Daniel J H Levack; rev vt Fantasms II: A Bibliography of the Works of Jack Vance 1979 with Levack and Kurt Cockrum), and anthologist – always in collaboration with his publishing partner Chuck Miller during the Underwood-Miller years. Their nonfiction Anthologies include Jack Vance (anth 1980) and four studies of Stephen King: Fear Itself: The Horror Fiction of Stephen King (anth 1982; vt Fear Itself: The Early Works of Stephen King 1993), Kingdom of Fear: The World of Stephen King (anth 1986), Bare Bones: Conversations on Terror with Stephen King (anth 1988), and Feast of Fear: Conversations with Stephen King (anth 1992). Following the break-up of the Underwood-Miller publishing house in 1994, Underwood went on to found Underwood Books, specializing in fantasy art and science fiction, and published another collection of interviews with Stephen King, Stephen Kings Spills the Beans (anth 2008). [JC/MY/DRL]

Tim Edward Underwood

born Sault Ste Marie, Michigan: 12 January 1948



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