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Pseudonym used for sf by Ernest Lister Hale Willis (1919-1988), UK teacher, Television director and author who was very prolific in the last capacity under a number of bylines, his principal working name being Lisle Willis. He began to publish work of genre interest as by van Loden with "Demons of Daavol" in the 1952 Wonders of the Spaceways #5 from John Spencer and Co (see Badger Books); three further stories for Spencer magazines followed. His two sf novels are Curse of Planet Kuz (1953), a Planetary Romance with swashbucklers and a princess, and Voyage into Space (1954), an essentially featureless Space Opera.

Willis, a competent jack-of-all-trades, clearly did not find his sf ventures fruitful, and stopped, perhaps just before a mild Sex novel as by Jean-Paul Valois caused the (to twenty-first century eyes inexplicable) jailing of his publisher. Willis worked subsequently in television. [JC/DRL]

Ernest Lister Hale Willis

born 1919

died 1988



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