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Working name of Dutch director, screenwriter, painter and author Floris Nicolas Ali, Baron van Pallandt (1961-2006), son of Nina van Pallandt (1932-    ); mostly in New Zealand from 1994. The Butterfly Night of Old Brown Bear (graph 1992) and Troll's Search for Summer (graph 1994), both heavily illustrated by the author, are fantasies for younger readers. Of direct sf interest is Anvil (1998), set on a world similar to Earth, where his sister's mysterious disappearance impels the protagonist into a noir investigation of the corrupt central City, run on Dystopian lines by a savage elite. The high-tech mise en scene is intricately realized. Van Pallandt's apparent loss of interest in a literary career is to be regretted. His last work was a screenplay for the nonfantastic Tracker (2010) directed by Ian Sharp. [JC]

Floris Nicolas Ali, Baron van Pallandt

born Geneva, Switzerland: 10 June 1961

died Havelock, New Zealand: 13 October 2006 [buried IJhorst, Netherlands]

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