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Pseudonym of Belgian author Charles-Henri-Jean Dewisme (1918-    ), prolific producer of adventure novels in various genres from the mid-1940s; his most popular series, the Bob Morane sequence beginning with La Vallée Infernale (1953; trans anon as Bob Moran in the Valley of Hell 1960) ends, at least 200 volumes later, with L'énigme du pôle: La chose dane les glaces ["The Enigma of the Pole: The Thing in the Glacier"] (2007) [translated titles are given in Checklist below]. Morane, whose name is given as Moran only in the English translations, is a heavily-decorated World War Two pilot who becomes involved in a range of post-war adventures, some entirely nonfantastic. But many are sf, especially those featuring his association with a shadowy organization known as the Time Patrol (see Time Police), operating normally from Earth's future in its mission to maintain the stability of our own timeline; this association is sometimes no more than tacit, but is never contradicted. His main enemy is Monsieur Ming, a rather belated Yellow Peril Antihero conspicuously modelled on Sax Rohmer's Fu Manchu, who has found the secret of Immortality, employs Androids of his own manufacture, and is capable of Time Travel; other enemies include at least one Mad Scientist. The Bob Morane books have been filmed and televised, reconstructed as a Graphic Novel sequence [not translated, and not listed here], and Morane is the hero of at least one Videogame. [JC]

Charles-Henri-Jean Dewisme

born Ath, Belgium: 16 October 1918




Bob Morane (highly selected; translated titles only)


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