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Australian/UK magazine, monthly, A4-size, twelve issues, August 1969 to September 1970, published by Ronald E Graham (1908-1979), an Australian businessman and sf enthusiast; edited by Philip Harbottle from the UK. The magazine was printed on good quality coated paper stock, but to call it a Slick magazine would be stretching the definition. Nevertheless the production and presentation, carried out almost single-handedly by Harbottle, was neat and clean. The magazine's content was in stark contrast to New Worlds, which was at its most extreme at that point. Vision of Tomorrow presented more traditional sf, following in the footsteps of John Carnell's original New Worlds.

Vision of Tomorrow featured work by many UK writers, including Kenneth Bulmer, Michael Moorcock and E C Tubb, with the emphasis on straightforward action stories, and several posthumous works by John Russell Fearn. Graham vetoed the inclusion of US writers, but the publishing agreement stated that the content should be at least 40% by Australian authors. These included Damien Broderick, Lee Harding and Jack Wodhams. Cover artists included Eddie Jones, Gerard A Quinn and David Hardy, the latter also producing many full-colour illustrations for the inside back cover.

Vision of Tomorrow was the first English-language magazine to publish a story by Stanisław Lem: "Are You There, Mr Jones?", in #1. The Impatient Dreamers, a history of UK sf publishing and Fandom by Walter Gillings, E J Carnell and others, ran through all issues. Because of a change of printers, #3 (November 1969) appeared before #2 (December 1969). [BS/PN/MA]


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