Voermans, Paul

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(1960-    ) Australian author who began to publish work of genre interest with "The Broken Butterfly" in The View from the Edge: A Workshop of Science Fiction Stories (anth 1977) edited by George Turner. His first novel, And Disregards the Rest (1992), mixes sf and Magic Realism into a somewhat spatchcocked tale of Near-Future Australia, mixing together a metaphysical discourse about the consequences of a performance of William Shakespeare's The Tempest (performed circa 1611; 1623) (see Theatre) and a Changewar plot: the protagonist has been tasked, from an unlikely future in which Homo sapiens have thrived, to attempt to prevent an Alien visitation, which will terminally devastate human civilization (see Imperialism). The Weird Colonial Boy (1993) is set in a Dystopian Alternate History in which the British Empire continues to rule an oppressed Australia, but is opposed by revolutionaries whose raids combine surreal horseplay and violence. Voermans, who with some success had been grappling with a plenitude of influences, has not published further at book length; an unsold novel exists and may yet appear. [JC]

Paul Voermans

born Traralgon, Victoria: 4 June 1960




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