Waberi, Abdourahman A

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(1965-    ) Djiboutian journalist and author, mostly in France from around 1985; Le Pays sans ombre (coll 1994; trans Jeanne Garane as The Land Without Shadows 2005) assembles nonfantastic stories set in his native land. He is of sf interest for Aux États-Unis d'Afrique: Roman (2006; trans David and Nicole Ball as In the United States of Africa 2009), an Alternate World tale whose history (there is no Jonbar Point) is in a sense a mirror reversal of our own. The flow of immigrants to a "Promised Land" has been from West to East, with America now a land where poverty and ignorance generate excuses for racist responses when its citizens become migrant. The Satire is clearcut, though conveyed with a saving Humour. [JC]

Abdourahman A Waberi

born Djibouti City, French Somaliland [now Republic of Djibouti]: 20 July 1965


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