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(1917-1990) UK teacher (after serving with the Royal Signals during World War Two) and author of four novels. Only one is sf: the near-future Dystopian fantasy Only Lovers Left Alive (1964), in which the mass suicide of the adult population leaves teenagers on their own in what rapidly becomes an anarchic UK. The book expressed contemporary Paranoia about scooter gangs, adolescent violence, teen Sex, loud music and funny hairstyles, yet, significantly, retained faith in the fundamental decency of human beings: it was not wholly pessimistic. Plans for a film version starring the Rolling Stones (who, it was announced in March 1966, would receive one million dollars for their participation) came to nothing. [JC/JGr/SH/DRL]

see also: Boys' Papers.

David Capadose Wallis

born London: 27 November 1917

died Colchester, Essex: 12 June 1990

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