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(1925-    ) US actress – under the names Hope Campbell and Kathy McDonald – and author; as by Hope Campbell, she wrote non-fantastic romance tales for about a decade from about 1943, and some Young Adult novels, including Looking for Hamlet: A Haunting at Deeping Lake (1987); as by Virginia Hughes, she wrote the Young Adult Peggy Lane Theatres Stories sequence of mild non-fantastic adventure tales; she has also written at least one similar tale as by True Summers. The Light of Lilith (1961 dos) is an unremarkable but adequately stirring example of the Planetary Romance. Legend of Lost Earth (1963 dos; rev 1977 as by Hope Campbell) is set on the Dystopian planet of Niflhel (short for Niflheimr, the Hell of Norse mythology), whose rulers believe that any reference to the existence of Earth is part of a dangerous Mythology. [JC]

Geraldine June McDonald Wallis

born Seattle, Washington: 17 June 1925




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