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(1939-    ) Chinese author and professor. Born to a relatively well-off family in China's troubled period of Japanese invasion and civil war, Wang graduated in mechanical engineering and worked in an auto parts manufacturing plant throughout the 1960s and 1970s. During the Cultural Revolution, he was briefly a group leader of a faction in Sichuan called the "Industrial Army", and became involved in an infamous war of words and ideologies between rival factories in Chengdu. In later life, he became a professor of metallurgy and materials science, affording him more time to write.

"Shenmi de Bo" (April 1979 Sichuan Wenxue trans Li Lianhan as "The Mysterious Wave" in Science Fiction From China, anth 1989, ed Wu Dingbo and Patrick Murphy) is Wang's best-known story, depicting devious international espionage at a remote testing facility in the Xinjiang desert, pushing the envelope of didactic Children's SF far into the realm of the Technothriller. "Bingxia de Meng" ["Dream Under the Ice"] (venue unknown) follows a similar plotline, with a remote research base, this time in Antarctica, the location of an investigation into Scientists who appear to have been driven mad by an encounter Underground. With the backlash against sf in 1982, Wang entered a prolonged fallow period, eventually tempted out of semi-retirement with a number of new stories early in the twenty-first century. [JonC]

Wang Xiaoda

born Suzhou, China: 8 August 1939


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