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(1947-    ) UK dramatist, screenwriter and author one of whose first plays, Zartan (1988) is a Parody of the Tarzan universe, in which young Zartan falls from a plane and is raised by ants; it was turned into a Young Adult tale as Zartan as Told to Nick Warburton by Armpits the Second (1988 chap). Many of Warburton's later plays contain fantasy elements, including The Droitwich Discovery (1996), in which the ghost of Shakespeare's brother claims to be the author of the plays; and Garlic and Lavender (2001), in which a Vampire is encountered. Some of his fiction is also of interest, including The Thirteenth Owl (1993), which is horror, and To Trust a Soldier (1994), set in what might be the Near Future, though the land fought over is abstract, and the drama of trust and mistrust at the tale's heart is intimate. [JC]

Nick Warburton

born 1947


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