Warner, Anne

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(1869-1913) US author of romantic fiction, in the UK from about 1903; of some sf interest is When Woman Proposes (1911), a Near Future tale set in an unnamed European country where a young woman, in love with a soldier who refuses to marry her on his low income, engineers a general strike of workers and military, bringing the land to a total halt until an equitable wage structure is established for all. [JC]

Anne Warner French

born St Paul, Minnesota: 15 October 1869

died Dorset, England: 3 February 1913


  • The Panther (Boston, Massachusetts: Small, Maynard, 1908) [chap: hb/]
  • When Woman Proposes (Boston, Massachusetts: Little, Brown, 1911) [illus/Charlotte Weber Ditzler: hb/Theodore B Hapgood]


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