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(1938-1998) US professional magician and author who began writing sf with Love that Spy! (1968), a spoof Technothriller featuring a scientist named Niflheim – in Norse mythology the realm of ice – who specializes in ultra-cold warfare; The Blackwood Cult (1968) is a Gothic romance. Waters's first sf of more orthodox interest was The Probability Pad (1970), a novel which concluded the Greenwich Village Shared World trilogy (see New York) begun in Chester Anderson's The Butterfly Kid (1967) and continued in Michael Kurland's The Unicorn Girl (1969). This is a lightweight Recursive tale involving the three authors as characters in Greenwich Village, along with a good deal of Alien-inspired body duplication. A countercultural ethos also inspired the grimmer Centerforce (1974), in which motorcycle dropouts and commune dwellers combine in opposition to a Near-Future police-state America. [JC]

Thomas Allen Waters

born Columbus, Ohio: 27 February 1938

died Los Angeles, California: 7 August 1998



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