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(?   -?   ) UK author whose The Oracle of Baal: A Narrative of Some Curious Events in the Life of Professor Horatio Carmichael, M.D. (1896) is a complicatedly told Lost Race tale for boys. A century before it begins, an ancestor of the protagonist had been seduced by a She figure originally from Africa but now in Scotland; the two become pirates before returning to the hidden African land of her birth, a lost Graeco-Carthaginian civilization where she has him killed for disobedience. The protagonist – accompanied by the frame-story narrator – finally reaches a lost city inhabited by descendants of ancient Greeks, who have enslaved the Affris, an Ape as Human tribe some of whose members walk upright. The Affris eventually revolt, and descend immediately into animal barbarism. Children of Wrath [for subtitle see Checklist] (1899) is a fantasy in which twelve brothers defile the temple of Hera and are cursed for two thousand years. [JC]

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