Wells, Robert

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(1929-    ) UK author who began publishing sf with "The Machine That Was Lovely" in the Observer in 1954, and who later concentrated on novels, beginning with The Parasaurians (1969), in which fake safaris against Robot Dinosaurs turn into a more serious threat to the hero. Candle in the Sun (1971) explores a Last Man scenario through the plight of a man left alone in a deep-ocean station (see Under the Sea) with reason to believe life has ended above, though he soon meets a culture of aquatic Mutants. In the first volume of the Shroud sequence, Right-Handed Wilderness (1973), a Biological threat to the human species surfaces suddenly, though the two Telepathic protagonists are able to cope; they return in The Spacejacks (1975), a conspiracy-drenched Space Opera involving the eponymous ship salvagers and Alien Invasion and super-advanced science. [JC]

Frank Charles Robert Wells

born London: 31 January 1929




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