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(1978-    ) US author whose Young Adult Variant sequence comprising Variant (2011) and Feedback (2012), set initially in a highschool that turns out to be a coercive Keep whose students/inmates are forced to enter into actions and conflicts whose entailments loosely evoke Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game (1985); in the second volume, the protagonist finds himself in an expanded iteration – a small town full of the live and the seemingly dead – of the same dynamic. His second series, the Near Future Blackout sequence comprising Blackout (2013) and Dead Zone (2014), rather more exorbitantly pits teenagers who are mysteriously developing Superpowers against some rather attractive similarly powered terrorists, whose demolition of substantial portions of America is seemingly unmotivated, and in any case perhaps more appropriate in a PG-13 movie, where mass destruction of human beings is sanctioned if off-screen.

Wells's third series, the Alternate History Airships of Camelot beginning with Airships of Camelot: The Rise of Arthur (2015 ebook), evolves from a World War One whose outcome was even more devastating than in the real world; it is set some decades hence, mostly in Western America where figures from the Matter of Britain – Arthur chief among them [for Arthur and Matter see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below] – try to maintain independence against the rest of the continent, where a Steampunk Pax Aeronautica is precariously maintained by Airships. In Dark Energy (2016), a singleton, the daughter of NASA's director of special projects finds herself, perhaps inevitably, in the front line of response to the arrival of an Alien ship, which much resembles a UFO; and becomes involved in the complexities of First Contact. [JC]

Robison Earl Wells

born Utah: 4 April 1978





  • Variant (New York: HarperTeen, 2011) [Variant: hb/Mark Tucker]
  • Feedback (New York: HarperTeen, 2012) [Variant: hb/Mark Tucker]


  • Blackout (New York: HarperTeen, 2013) [Blackout: hb/]
  • Dead Zone (New York: HarperTeen, 2014) [Blackout: hb/]

Airships of Camelot

individual titles

works as editor

  • Altered Perceptions (Salt Lake City, Utah: Fearful Symmetry, 2014) with Brandon Sanderson and Dan Wells [anth: fiction and nonfiction: hb/Robison Wells]


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