Wettenhovi-Aspa, Sigurd

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(1870-1946) Finnish author and nationalist philosopher, an early (indeed perhaps the first) advocate of the philological argument that all Indo-European languages have a common Finnish-Egyptian origin (see Linguistics). Late in life he published an English-language sf novel (there is no edition in Finnish), The Diamondking of Sahara (1935), in which the desert is transformed into forest, and the vastly improved power-generating capacity of Niagara Falls (see Power Sources) enables the inventive protagonist to create an artificial midnight sun which lights much of North America. The "Goddess of Liberty" (see Statue of Liberty) in New York harbour glows in this new light. [JC]

Georg Sigurd Wettenhovi-Aspa

born Helsinki, Finland: 7 May 1870

died Helsinki, Finland: 18 February 1946



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