Whitelaw, David

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(1875-1971) UK illustrator, editor, journalist and author, active for many years from about 1890. He wrote a considerable amount of popular fiction, usually thrillers but including much rather good supernatural fiction. He was editor of The London Magazine 1910-1931 and of The Premier Magazine for its entire run, 1914-1931; he published weird fiction and sf in both. The authors he encouraged included Sax Rohmer and James Francis Dwyer.

Two titles of some sf interest are The Gang (1909), a conspiracy-drenched melodrama set in a Ruritanian enclave; and Horror on the Loch (1938), in which a Mad Scientist injects growth hormones first into bats and wolves and then into his Oriental manservant, whom he turns into a grotesquely deformed Monster. [JC/MA]

David Whitelaw

born Holloway, Middlesex [now London]: 9 May 1875

died ?Croydon, Surrey: 1971 [registered in the July-September quarter]

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