Wilder, Myles

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(1933-2010) US television comedy scriptwriter and producer, son of filmmaker W Lee Wilder (1904-1982). He was involved with some minor 1950s sf films, writing the original story for Phantom from Space (1953) and collaborating on its screenplay with William Raynor, whose solo screenplay for Killers from Space (1954; vt Aliens from Space) was also based on a Wilder story. Wilder's screenplay for the The Snow Creature (1954) was written solo from his own original story.

Decades later Wilder published the medical Cryonics thriller Freeze (1988), again with William Raynor (whom see). [DRL]

Myles Wilder

born New York: 28 January 1933

died Temecula, California: 20 April 2010


  • Freeze (New York: Critic's Choice Paperbacks, 1988) with William Raynor [pb/]


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