Wilding, Philip

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(?   -1971) UK author born Philip Wilding Wiggins but known by the shorter version of his name since before World War Two. He published in various genres, including Westerns as by Jefferson Fraser; his two routine sf adventures under his own name are Spaceflight – Venus (1955), in which a crew undertakes for the first time Space Flight to Venus, where an Alien civilization is found, and where Jesus, on his appearance there, had been welcomed (see Religion); and Shadow Over the Earth (1956), set in the Near Future when observers on the Moon see a Macrostructure, perhaps a planet or World Ship, approaching from outside the Solar System. As John Robert Haynes he wrote Scream from Outer Space (1955), in which an Invasion is threatened. Murder with Merit (1959) is a thriller. [JC/PN]

Philip Wilding Wiggins


died Wallington, Surrey: 1971



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