Willingham, Calder

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(1922-1995) US screenwriter and author whose flamboyant Southern regionalism was most fully expressed in End as a Man (1947) and Eternal Fire (1963). He may now be best remembered for his scripts for The Graduate (1967) with Buck Henry (1930-    ), and for Little Big Man (1970) based on the Western with fantasy elements by Thomas Berger. An original filmscript for Steven Spielberg had been completed just before his death, but was not produced. His one sf novel, The Building of Venus Four (1977), a Sex-loaded spoof Space Opera, fails to convey much sense of his best work. [JC]

Calder Baynard Willingham Jr

born Atlanta, Georgia: 23 December 1922

died Laconia, New Hampshire: 19 February 1995



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