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(1944-    ) UK journalist and author, for many years resident in the USA, a citizen of that country from 2011, active as a journalist from the 1960s. He is the author of several nonfiction studies of world politics, many of which edge into Futures Studies territory, including Pacific: The Ocean of the Future (2015), which takes a sharply negative view of Japanese industries. He is of specific sf interest for the Near Future Pacific Nightmare: How Japan Starts World War III: A Future History (1992), told as indicated in Future History form; the tale anticipates a 2001 Chinese civil war ignited by the takeover of Hong Kong in 1997, which causes Japan to intervene, risking World War Three (see Yellow Peril): but America drops a third nuclear bomb on Japan, which brings peace. The book was criticized at the time for implausibility. Winchester was appointed OBE in 2006. [JC]

Simon Winchester

born London: 28 September 1944


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