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(1856-1939) UK author in whose first sf novel, Station X (1919), a psychic Invasion from Mars is repelled by an Earth-Venus alliance, despite the Martians' use of an Antigravity device and advanced Weapons to power a hijacked warship; in 1975 the book was reprinted with an introduction by Richard Gid Powers which mystifyingly claims it to be an important work. In The Mysterious Disappearances (1926; vt Vanishing Men 1927) a Mad Scientist discovers a new Element which allows him to levitate his victims, committing the sort of "impossible crime" so popular in the detective fiction of the early decades of this century. [JC/PN]

George McLeod Winsor

born Gateshead. County Durham [now Tyne and Wear]: 1856

died Isleworth, Middlesex: 27 July 1939



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