Wise, Arthur

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(1923-1983) UK drama consultant and author, most of whose works were thrillers; he also wrote as by John McArthur and under the non-sf house name Bryan Swift. Most of his sf was borderline, using genre elements to heighten the suspense. The best known of these tales was probably The Day the Queen Flew to Scotland for the Grouse Shooting (1968), about the abduction of the monarch in the context of a breakup of the United Kingdom. A second Near-Future, political novel was Who Killed Enoch Powell?: A Thriller (1970), where the assassination of that politician sets a complex thriller in motion, escalating to racial violence at Wimbledon (see Race in SF), with fascists threatening to take over the country. The displacement into sf of all his work is minimal. [JC]

Arthur Wise

born York, Yorkshire: 12 January 1923

died New York: 9 February 1983



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