Wise, David

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(1930-2018) US author and journalist, with the New York Herald-Tribune in the 1950s and 1960s, whose works include both fiction and nonfiction about espionage and US politics. Of sf interest is The Samarkand Dimension (1987), a spy thriller in which Soviet sabotage of a US ICBM launch test has disastrous results and is ascribed to Psi Powers, the enemy having overridden the course controls via Telekinesis. The protagonist, a CIA man, is duly tasked to represent himself as an ESP-gifted Scientist and would-be turncoat in order to infiltrate the Soviet parapsychology research base in Samarkand. Adventures ensue.

This author should not be confused with David Wise (1955-2020), a US Clarion Science Fiction Writers' Workshop graduate and animation scriptwriter whose debut sf story appeared in Clarion 3 (anth 1973) edited by Robin Scott Wilson. [DRL]

born New York: 10 May 1930

died Washington, District of Columbia: 8 October 2018

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