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(1957-    ) US author who also writes as David Farland, and who began publishing work of genre interest with "The Sky Is an Open Highway" in The Leading Edge for Fall 1985. He began to enter literary contests in that year, winning a few small competitions and then the Best of the Year award in the Writers of the Future Contest for 1986, with "On My Way to Paradise", which appeared in L Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future, Volume III (anth 1987). This novella was the basis for his first novel, On My Way to Paradise (1989), a thoughtful but violent tale in which a Latin-American mercenary force is conscripted to fight for a conservative Japanese colony on another planet. It is packed with sociobiological speculation, and veers interestingly between Heinlein-esque and Cyberpunk scenarios, and is not altogether accepting of the Libertarian ideas which in part it dramatizes; it was runner-up in 1990 for the Philip K Dick Award.

Wolverton's first series, the Anee sequence comprising Serpent Catch (1991) and Path of the Hero (1993) confirmed him as belonging to the central extrapolative tradition of sf. Big and almost over-packed like its predecessor, the first volume is set on a Terraformed moon of a Gas Giant, whose continents are separated by eco-barriers, part of an experiment in closed environments and reconstructed geological eras. Genetically Engineered human scientists are driven from space by advanced aliens and forced down into the gigantic Zoo they have created, which has been designed to recreate extinct Terran species and preserve them; as the eco-barriers break down, interactions amongst the keepers and the kept ramify complexly (the future meeting the past) with Neanderthals and other prehumans, Dinosaurs, sea-serpents and so on, jostling furiously with each other. The protagonist of the second volume is half-human, half-Neanderthal, and must save his village. His next series – the Golden Queen sequence comprising The Golden Queen (1994) and Beyond the Gate (1995), both assembled as Worlds of the Golden Queen (omni 2005), all as by David Farland, plus Lords of the Seventh Swarm (1997) under his own name – is a wide-reaching Space Opera set in a human-dominated Galactic Empire whose Empress, a secret Clone of her murdered avatar, must attempt to preserve the status quo; she is soon replaced by a human orphan. The usual devices of this sort of tale – portals, evolving Weapons, immortal foes (see Immortality). Hive-Mind Alien races bent on universal conquest – are intriguingly mixed.

From around this point, Wolverton's career broke into three distinct concentrations. Mostly as Farland, he wrote fantasy, including the Runelords sequence beginning with The Sum of All Men (1998; vt The Runelords 1998); under his own name he published a number of Star Wars Ties beginning with The Courtship of Princess Leia (1994); and his initial involvement with the Writers of the Future organization deepened with the partial retirement of A J Budrys in 1991. Wolverton co-edited Writers of the Future Volume VIII (anth 1992) with Budrys; and then edited solo Writers of the Future Volume IX (anth 1993) through Writers of the Future Volume XIV (anth 1998). A Very Strange Trip (1999) with L Ron Hubbard is a novel based on the dead leader's notes. [PN/JC]

David John Wolverton

born Springfield, Oregon: 15 May 1957





  • Serpent Catch (New York: Bantam Spectra, 1991) [Anee: pb/Paul Youll]
  • Path of the Hero (New York: Bantam Spectra, 1993) [Anee: pb/Paul Youll]
  • Serpent Catch (no place given: Amazon Digital Services, 2011) as by David Farland [omni of the above two: ebook: Anee: na/]

Serpent Catch (reworked series)

  • Spirit Walker (Monument, Colorado: WordFire Press, 2014) as by David Farland [Serpent Catch: pb/]
  • Serpent Catch (Monument, Colorado: WordFire Press, 2014) as by David Farland [Serpent Catch: pb/]
  • Blade Kin (Monument, Colorado: WordFire Press, 2014) as by David Farland [Serpent Catch: pb/]
  • Path of the Crushed Heart (Monument, Colorado: WordFire Press, 2014) as by David Farland [Serpent Catch: pb/]

Golden Queen

Star Wars

Star Wars Missions

Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice

Star Wars Episode 1 Adventures (highly selected; gamebooks are excluded)

The Runelords

The Mummy Chronicles


  • Of Mice and Magic (American Fork, Utah: Covenant Communications, 2005) as by David Farland [Ravenspell: pb/]
  • The Wizard of Ooze (American Fork, Utah: Covenant Communications, 2007) as by David Farland [Ravenspell: hb/]
  • Freaky Fly Day (no place given: David Farland Entertainment, 2015) as by David Farland [Ravenspell: pb/]

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