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(1917-2003) US Comics and Television writer and executive from 1941, and author who also wrote as by Winston Lyon. Most of his fiction, beginning with The Naked Hunter (1953), was nonfantastic. Batman vs the Fearsome Foursome (1966) as by Winston Lyon loosely novelized the film Batman (1966) (see Batman Films), the titular foursome being a team-up of regular Villains Catwoman, The Joker, The Riddler and The Penguin. The President's Doctor (1975), about the Svengali-like influence of a doctor on a paranoid president, verges on the fantastic; but The Sendai (1980), a Horror in SF tale involving Genetic Engineering, and The Adam Project (1984), a Near Future tale about the attempted creation of a controllable Superman, are both sf. Woolfolk was an author of considerable competence, but apparently not ambitious about the permanence of his creations. [JC]

William Winston Woolfolk

born Long Island, New York: 25 June 1917

died Syracuse, New York: 20 July 2003




individual titles

  • The President's Doctor (Garden City, New York: Doubleday and Company, 1975) [hb/]
  • The Sendai (New York: Fawcett Popular Library, 1980) [pb/uncredited]
  • The Adam Project (New York: Ballantine Books/Fawcett Popular Library, 1984) [pb/uncredited]


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