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(?   -    ) Singapore molecular biologist, journalist and author who also writes as J Y Yang, Jy Yang and June Yang, and began to publish work of genre interest with "Interview" as J Y Yang in The Ayam Curtain (anth 2012) edited by Joyce Chng and JY Yang as June Yang. Their work is primarily of fantasy interest, though the Tensorate sequence, beginning with the simultaneously released The Black Tides of Heaven (2017) and The Red Threads of Fortune (2017), might fairly be described in this encyclopedia as Steampunk, but is explicitly designated as contributing to what Ken Liu, who coined the term, describes as silkpunk: stories where Science Fantasy elements marry and jostle with transformations of Asian Technology (in distinction to steampunk's similar use of fantasticated Victorian engineering tropes). The protagonists of the first two tales are twins, though the individual stories do not join together except in the world shared. Both have Psi Powers: in one case seemingly infallible Precognition, in the other a range of talents including Perception (akin to empathy or Telepathy) of the inner motives of others, and the ability to kill via a form of Telekinesis. The third instalment, The Descent of Monsters (2018), introduces malign Technology and a third protagonist named Chuwan, who is tasked to investigate the ruins of a laboratory where an experiment went wrong. Chuwan's mission also includes tracking down twins. There is a sense that the sequence has not terminated. [JC]

JY Yang

born Singapore





works as editor

  • The Ayam Curtain (Singapore: Math Paper Press, 2012) as June Yang with Joyce Chng [anth: pb/Psylocke and Shellen Teh]


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