Yoke, Carl B

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(1937-    ) US scholar and author, much of whose early work was concerned with Roger Zelazny, including Roger Zelazny (1979), a critical study, and Roger Zelazny and Andre Norton: Proponents of Individualism (1979 chap). Death and the Serpent: Immortality in Science Fiction (anth 1985) with Donald M Hassler and Phoenix from the Ashes: The Literature of the Remade World (anth 1988) are carefully conceived examinations of the sf themes of Immortality and the Holocaust with its subsequent Post-Holocaust era. Classic and Iconoclastic Alternate History Science Fiction (anth 2003) with Edgar L Chapman deals similarly with the Alternate History theme; and The Cultural Influences of William Gibson, the "Father" of Cyberpunk Science Fiction: Critical and Interpretive Essays (anth 2007) with Carol L Robinson assembles essays on William Gibson. Yoke was the founding executive editor of Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts. [JC/DRL]

see also: Greenwood Press.

Carl Bernard Yoke

born Clarksburg, West Virginia: 23 March 1937




works as editor


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