Zimmer, Paul Edwin

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(1943-1997) US author, brother of Marion Zimmer Bradley, with whom he wrote his first sf, the Survivors sequence comprising Hunters of the Red Moon (1973) [unacknowledged until 1992 printing], whose protagonist is abducted by Aliens to serve as gladiatorial prey on a game planet (see Games and Sports), and The Survivors (1979), a somewhat congested Space Opera featuring some of the same cast. A series by Zimmer alone, the Dark Border sequence – The Lost Prince (1982), King Chondo's Ride (1982) and A Gathering of Heroes (1987) and Ingulf the Mad (1989) – is fantasy, set in a world with some Planetary Romance trappings; his singletons, Woman of the Elfmounds (dated 1979 but 1980), Blood of the Colyn Muir (1988) with Jon DeCles, are also fantasy. [JC]

Paul Edwin Zimmer

born Albany, New York: 16 October 1943

died Schenectady, New York: 18 October 1997




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