Zinoviev, Alexander

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(1922-2006) Russian author whose Ziiaiushchie vysoty (1976 Switzerland; trans Gordon Clough as The Yawning Heights 1979) is a raw Satire of the gerontocracy which dominated the USSR at the time of its writing: in a Dystopia known as Ibansk, every citizen is named Ibanov in order that all distinctions be erased; most citizens commit suicide, in due course, in a government crematorium. Svetloe budushchee (1978 Switzerland; trans Gordon Clough as The Radiant Future 1980) is an allegory with sf implications: the fall of Communism is represented by the gradual decay of a vast sign proclaiming The Radiant Future of the totalitarian state. [JC]

Alexander Aleksandrovich Zinoviev

born Pakhino, Kostroma, USSR: 29 October 1922

died Moscow: 10 May 2006



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