Zone Troopers

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Film (1985). Altar/Empire. Executive producer Charles Band. Directed by Danny Bilson. Written by Bilson, Paul DeMeo. Starring Tim Thomerson, Timothy Van Patten, Art La Fleur, Biff Maynard. 86 minutes. Colour.

This curious, small, honest film is as close as the cinema has ever got to the flavour of Pulp sf. Three GIs and a war correspondent are trapped behind German lines in Italy in 1944. In between repeated clashes with Germans they befriend a BEM – female, we later learn – from a crashed Spaceship, whom the Germans wish to interrogate. All is played straight and gung-ho, catching delightfully the tone of 1940s war films. The film ends appropriately with a shot of a (phony) Pulp-magazine cover, Fantastic Fiction. [PN]


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