Air Wonder Stories

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US letter-size Pulp magazine, 11 issues, July 1929-May 1930, Stellar Publishing Corporation, edited by Hugo Gernsback, managing editor David Lasser.

This was a prompt comeback by Gernsback after the filing of bankruptcy proceedings against his Experimenter Publishing Company, with which he had founded Amazing Stories. Air Wonder Stories announced itself in its first editorial as presenting "solely flying stories of the future, strictly along scientific-mechanical-technical lines ... to prevent gross scientific-aviation misinformation from reaching our readers". To this end Gernsback hired three professors and one Air Corps Reserve major, whose names appeared prominently on the masthead. The stories were mostly by writers Gernsback had developed at Amazing, including Edmond Hamilton, David H Keller, Ed Earl Repp, Harl Vincent and Jack Williamson; Raymond Z Gallun published his first story here. The cover designs for all issues were by Frank R Paul. As serials it reprinted The Ark of the Covenant (July-October 1929; 1924) by Victor MacClure and The Flying Legion (January-April 1930; 1920) by George Allan England, originally serialized in All-Story Magazine. Within a year, Gernsback found the scope of Air Wonder Stories limiting, and he was already accepting interplanetary stories for the magazine. As a consequence he merged it with its companion publication, Science Wonder Stories, under the title Wonder Stories. [PN/MA]


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