Bierbower, Austin

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(circa 1844-1913) US academic and author whose Prehistoric SF tale, From Monkey to Man, or Society in the Tertiary Age: A Story of the Missing Link [for full title see Checklist] (1894), suggests the Ice Age (see Climate Change) as the effective cause of the Missing Link's expulsion from the Garden of Eden, which is located in the heart of what would become the United States; and that proto-men's struggles with snakes were the reason the Serpent has subsequently been symbolized as Evil (see Apes as Human). In the end, a successful branch of the original tribe returns to America. [JC]

see also: Anthropology; Evolution; Origin of Man.

Austin Bierbower

born Shelley's Island, Pennsylvania: circa 1844

died Chicago, Illinois: 12 April 1913



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