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Working name of Hungarian-born illustrator and author Balint Stephen Biro (1921-2014), in the UK from 1939 until his death. During his prolific career as a book illustrator, which began in 1945 or earlier, he executed a number of covers for sf and fantasy books, though never in a style that demonstrated any deep affinity for the iconography of the fantastic; his first cover of interest was for Escape from the Zoo (1945), first volume of the series by Richard Parker. In his later career, he compiled and illustrated several volumes of fairytales, like including Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales (coll 2005), a Treasury of Aesop's Fables (coll 2007) and Tales from the Arabian Nights (coll 2013) [these are not given in the Checklist below]. His long series of picture books for younger children, the Gumdrop sequence, included one tale of sf interest, Gumdrop and the Martians (graph 1998). [JC]

Balint Stephen Biro

born Budapest, Hungary: 6 October 1921

died West Sussex: 4 July 2014



Gumdrop (highly selected)


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