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(1914-1990) UK author for children began publishing with the Escape from the Zoo sequence comprising Escape from the Zoo (1945 chap) (see Zoo), A Camel from the Desert (1947), in which territory the escaped animals find safety, and The Penguin Goes Home (1951), which carries the action further south. Of direct sf interest are The Hendon Fungus (1967), about fungal specimens from abroad proliferating in England, feeding on calcium, and thus crumbling buildings of stone, concrete, etc; The Old Powder Line (1971), which features a train as a Time Machine; and A Time to Choose (1973), where presents two children are forced to pick between double lives in Parallel Worlds, one pleasant, the other ours. Of his short stories, "The Wheelbarrow Boy" (October 1950 Lilliput) is fantasy. [PN/JC]

Richard Parker

born Stanmore, Middlesex: 15 February 1914

died September 1990

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Escape from the Zoo

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