Bowen, Robert Sidney

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(1899-1977) US newspaperman and author; his middle name was Sydney, which is given as Sidney in his books. Claims that he was an ace RAF pilot in World War I may have been his publishers' rather than his own: he seems to have joined the RAF in October 1918, and to have been released the next month (probably because he had not finished his training before the war ended); these dates would accord with his age at the time. After the war he reportedly worked for the London Daily News, and in his later career worked as an editor for journals like Aviation and Flying News. As an author of tales for young men – the most famous of his series being the 14 Dave Dawson War Adventures set in World War Two – he concentrated on pilots. Of sf interest is the Dusty Ayres and his Battle Birds adventure series, about 35 of which appeared in Dusty Ayres and His Battle Birds in 1934-1935; several were later put into book form, beginning with Black Lightning (July 1934 Dusty Ayres and His Battle Birds; 1966) and ending with Black Invaders vs. the Battle Birds (coll 1966). They are knowledgeable about aeroplanes, and otherwise vivid. [JC]

Robert Sydney Bowen

born Boston, Massachusetts: 4 October 1899 [according to his RAF application; he may have lied about his age]

died Honolulu, Hawaii: 11 April 1977



Dusty Ayres and his Battle Birds


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