Dusty Ayres and His Battle Birds

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US Pulp magazine, an attempt to breathe fresh life into the more traditional air-War pulp, Battle Birds, the volume number of which was continued, beginning with volume 5 #4 and ending with volume 8 #3. In this final incarnation it saw 12 issues, July 1934-July 1935; published by Popular Publications; edited by Rogers Terrill. Each issue contained a genuine Near-Future sf novel by Robert Sidney Bowen Jr in which Dusty and his sidekicks fought off the menace of the Black Invaders, led by Fire-Eyes, an Asian warlord bent on world domination (see Yellow Peril), who has already dominated the first stages of a global conflict that prefigures World War Two, and who utilizes advanced Weapons in his Invasion of America. The story-arc, which was constructed in advance, ends in the defeat of the Black Invaders. Several of the stories were reprinted as paperbacks in 1966 and 2018 (for details see Robert Sidney Bowen). [MA/MJE/JC]


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