Chambers, Julius

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(1850-1920) US journalist, noted for his daring in the gathering of far-flung stories, with the Philadelphia Times from 1900; and author of "In Sargasso": Missing, a Romance; Narrative of Capt. Austin Clark, of the Tramp Steamer "Caribas," Who, for Two Years, Was a Captive Among the Savage People of the Seaweed Sea (1896), a Lost Race tale – the race is composed of descendants of slaves and Spaniards – whose protagonists finds a new Utopia in the Sargasso Sea, a society in which women (see Feminism) seem to be gaining their human rights. But it is clear, as the narrator's exposition descends into "Satire", that they cannot handle the responsibility. [JC]

James Julius Chambers

born Bellefontaine, Ohio: 21 November 1850

died 12 February 1920



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