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Working name of US author Robert Dean Chilson (1945-    ). His first sf story was "The Mind Reader" for Analog in June 1968. Of his novels, which generally fail to step beyond the routine, As the Curtain Falls (1974) is a Far-Future adventure with some highly coloured moments, The Star-Crowned Kings (1975) is a Space Opera about a member of a subject race who has latent ESP powers; The Shores of Kansas (1976), perhaps (along with his first) Chilson's most interesting work, tells of a man with a natural, consciously controlled talent for Time Travel and his resulting psychological problems. Two later novels retain some interest: Men like Rats (1989) – rather like William Tenn's Of Men and Monsters (October 1963 Galaxy as "The Men in the Walls"; exp 1968) – is about humans living a Wainscot Society life in buildings occupied by giant Aliens; Rounded with Sleep (1990) confronts its hero with an Earth in the guise – and under the computerized control – of a fantasy Role Playing Game. [JC/PN]

Robert Dean Chilson

born Ringwood, Oklahoma: 19 May 1945




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