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Pseudonym of UK poet and author Ellen Edith Hannah Redknap (1906-1991), who wrote under her own name The Isle of the Black Pearl (1936 chap) as E E Redknap, which verges on the fantastic. As Erroll Collins she published fiction in magazines from 1937, including several sf adventures like Mariners of Space (1944), a Space Opera describing a War between Earth, Mars and Venus, Submarine City (1946), in which pirates take over the eponymous artificial Island in order to raid the ruins of Atlantis far below, and Conquerors of Space (1954 chap), the last being #5 in the shortlived Fantastic Science Thriller pocketbook series. Some sources list all the other authors of the latter series – William Causett, Clyde Marfax, Joseph Mois and Simon Querry – as Redknap pseudonyms; from stylistic evidence this seems unlikely. [JC/SH]

Ellen Edith Hannah Redknap

born Shadwell, London: 15 April 1906

died 11 March 1991



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