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Collaborative writing name of Jack Owen Jardine (1931-2009) and Julie Ann Jardine (1926-2012), who were married from 1958 to 1968; the name was taken from her stage name, Corrie Howard. The Sword of Lankor (1966), in which natives of a high-Gravity planet unknowingly extract valuable crystals for genially manipulative spacefarers, is swashbuckling. In The Mind Monsters (1966 dos) a crash-landed Terran takes over a peculiar Alien planet. Jack Owen Jardine's solo sf was written as by Larry Maddock. [JC]

Jack Owen Jardine

born Eaton Rapids, Michigan: 10 October 1931

died Kelseyville, California: 14 April 2009

Julie Ann Jardine

born Harbin, Manchuria: 6 February 1926

died Phoenix, Arizona: November 2012



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