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Pseudonym of Jack Owen Jardine (1931-2009), a creative director in radio, for his Agent of T.E.R.R.A. series, speedy Space Operas starring Hannibal Fortune and an Alien sidekick on various assignments to save Earth from her enemies. The series comprises The Flying Saucer Gambit (1966), The Golden Goddess Gambit (1967), The Emerald Elephant Gambit (1967) and The Time Trap Gambit (1969). The Nymph and the Satyr (1962) as by Arthur Farmer is a Sex novel. With his then wife, Julie Ann Jardine (1926-2012), he also wrote under the pseudonym Howard L Cory (which see). [JC]

see also: UFOs.

Jack Owen Jardine

born Eaton Rapids, Michigan: 10 October 1931

died northern California: 14 April 2009



Agent of T.E.R.R.A.

individual titles

  • The Nymph and the Satyr (Hollywood, California: Barnaby Press/All Star Books, 1962) as by Arthur Farmer [pb/J Healey]
    • The Story of "F" (New York: Beeline Books, 1969) as by Alan Hunter [heavily revised vt of the above: pb/]
  • Odd Girl Out (Hollywood, California: Barnaby Press/All Star Books, 1963) as by Arthur Farmer [pb/]


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